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The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry


Jolene Perry’s THE SUMMER I FOUND YOU, about a teenage girl trying to cope with her new diagnosis of type one diabetes and a teenage male veteran who is learning how to embrace his new life after losing an arm, who come together by using each other as an escape, only to discover through love and struggle that your life is what you make of it.

This book would’ve gotten at least 4 stars from me if it wasn’t for the terrible editing (this was an arc copy so I’m not sure what it’s like in the finished copy). I didn’t really want to start on a negative note, but it seems that Perry couldn’t decide if she liked the spelling Aidan or Aiden better. And then there were quite a few grammatical errors and moments where she referred to Aidan’s hands instead of the singular hand. To add to that, I really don’t get the relevance of the title or the book cover. The book was set during the school year and never mentioned it being summer. And I am pretty sure they never went to the beach… I think they anticipated going to the beach but didn’t actually go.


Ignoring all of that, I really enjoyed this book. The story was a wonderful idea! There are very few young adult books that take on these issues. Although I have read at least one YA book about a veteran, I don’t think I’ve come across a diabetic character before. Despite these issues, I didn’t find it to be a soul wrenching, heartbreaking book unlike many other YA/NA books, which in my opinion is a good thing. I really wasn’t in the mood for anything too heavy.


As for the characters, Kate and Aidan, I liked them. The book was written in dual POV, so I began to feel a connection with both of them. I admit that their love didn’t exactly set my heart on fire, but they were cute. I don’t 100% understand why Aidan was that worried about their age gap which was only two years. And some of the actions made irritated me a little, but I could understand where they were coming from and why they made those decisions. I actually think I liked the book more for what they were dealing with personally than their relationship. You know what else I liked? They didn’t have a poisonous relationship. It wasn’t one of those books about two damaged people who learn to lean only on each other and never deal with their own problems. Yes they start hanging out to distract themselves from what was happening in their lives, but they dealt with their own issues.


I really did like this book and I can only hope that the unfortunately very frequent errors aren’t in the finished copy. I would recommend this book though (providing heavy editing is done before the finished edition is published).

Expected publication is: 1st March 2014